Im zach, I do things with computers


I lived in LA for most of my life, but recently settled down in downtown Seattle!

As of now, I'm a computer science student though I like to mess around with frontend and servers whenever I have the chance.


OS development is fascinating and something I want to learn more about. I enjoy games (Minecraft, Rocket League, osu!, etc.) including retro game collecting and console modding.

Current nostalgia phase is pre-2013 iPhone and DS/DSi games! Have a billion games on Steam yet still manage to play old games most of time...


I enjoy C++, React/Next.js (with TypeScript), and databases!

Public transit

I love public transit!!!!!
Waiting for East Link to be finished so I will be happy


Keep scrolling to see some of what I've worked on so far... including this site right now!


A simple yet effective JavaScript powered bot created for Discord. It's in over 350+ servers, though I mostly only keep it running at this point. Solves the need for per-user color choices without granting permission nodes.

Chat database

A private project for a client in which a front end allows for searchable user logs, holding millions of messages and statistics about users for the purpose of moderation.